ZERO here: esagera con la "Cammafà": metà pizza e metà calzone.

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Cammafà Piazza Tancredi Galimberti, 23


  • lunedi chiuso
  • martedi 12–14:30 , 19–23:30
  • mercoledi 12–14:30 , 19–23:30
  • giovedi 12–14:30 , 19–23:30
  • venerdi 12–14:30 , 19–23:30
  • sabato c–h
  • domenica c–h

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Cammafà has already give up to gentrification and in spite of the conservation of the old location in Piazza Galimberti (an oasis for regular client of the Hiroshima), it has opened another location also in San Salvario. Independently from where you are, what is very important is that, among many fakes, here you can find the real Neapolitan pizza. A
margherita with an overflowed mozzarella di bufala: the minimum thickness is four centimeters and the specific weight is indefinable. Nothing can exceed, neither a braciola
with a soft and fat border. A very masterpiece of wood oven, all in all, with honest prices. If you want to exaggerate, there are also the cutting board with typical products from South, such as focaccia breads and pizza, which name is obviously Cammafà: pizza for an half, and calzone for the other half, tomato, fior di latte and all what is in “a cap’ d’o pizzaiuoll” (in the head of pizza maker).

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