Cooperativa San Filippo Neri

ZERO here: Fa l'aperitivo a bianchini e uova sode. E pranza in giardino a pochi euro

Foto di Mariateresa Bortoli


Cooperativa San Filippo Neri Viale Monza, 222


  • lunedi 11–15 , 18–22:30
  • martedi 11–15 , 18–22:30
  • mercoledi 11–15 , 18–22:30
  • giovedi 11–15 , 18–22:30
  • venerdi 11–15 , 18–22:30
  • sabato 18–22:30
  • domenica chiuso

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If I told you that in Milan there is a place to eat well with 10 euros first, second and side dish, would you go there? No? I’d like to add that in the kitchen there are four sciuras (misses in Milanese dialect) that could be your grandmothers. Would you change your mind? Anything at all? Then I tell you that from April to October you eat in a garden covered by a pergola with sparrows that come to steal your wine (certainly not the olive grove…). Still no? Then think that from six you can have an aperitif with 1 euro for a sprinkle and 90 cents for three hard-boiled eggs. Who arrives with the magutt van, who talks about the championship, who stops on the sidewalk to talk to the lifeguard of the pool in Via Fratelli Bressan. Arrigo arrives from the supermarket with the groceries, but he doesn’t know yet that when he leaves here, he won’t be hungry anymore. Bianchino after bianchino (but also cheap cocktails if you want) it got dark, but the lights of the houses are still off. So, everyone in the street, there is more taste. Don’t you really care? Got it. In fact, there are places where you can eat even for less, so good McDonald’s to everyone.

Translated by @silaskin