Il Tettuccio

ZERO here: Spende pochi euro per mangiare testina e bolliti

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Il Tettuccio Via G. Ripamonti, 94


  • lunedi 12–14:30 , 19:30–22:30
  • martedi 12–14:30 , 19:30–22:30
  • mercoledi 12–14:30 , 19:30–22:30
  • giovedi 12–14:30 , 19:30–22:30
  • venerdi 12–14:30 , 19:30–22:30
  • sabato 12–14:30 , c–h
  • domenica chiuso

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If I think back to all those times I dined near the Warehouses in makeshift pizzerias, ignoring this restaurant, I’d eat my hands. Il Tettuccio is a safe harbor trattoria for sturdy meals spending a maximum of 20 euros (less than half for lunch). If you don’t want to get lost in the endless menu we suggest you to skip the buffet appetizers and first courses and have a nice second course (or maybe two) as head, boiled meat, schnitzel, sausage and cotechino, maybe accompanied by a couple of seasonal side dishes. The condiments are cheerful, the raw materials fresh: we met several times the staff in the well-known supermarket nearby. Like eating at home but without the shopping to do and the dishes to wash, with a small contribution to the service. Have some.

Translated by @silaskin