Bar Picchio

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Bar Picchio Via Melzo, 11


  • lunedi 06:30–01
  • martedi 06:30–01
  • mercoledi 06:30–01
  • giovedi 06:30–01
  • venerdi 06:30–01
  • sabato 06:30–01
  • domenica chiuso

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The Bar Picchio is the revival of the neighborhood bar, the only place in Milan where I paid 2,50 euro for a bloody mary (ok, it was noon, in the evening it’s 3,50…). Frequented by affectionate clients – embellished by a few bar flies that are drunk and harassed only with words, who will tell you stories that are not even heard in cinemas -, it is popular for its aperitifs at a reasonable price, accompanied by delicious homemade and greasy dishes (by the way: come by for a homemade lunch) and an old Milanese setting that couldn’t be better.
Look at the swimming-pool-blue ceramic floor, the billiard table where people used to play for honour when Via Melzo was a disreputable street (now instead it is a press review counter), the public telephone, the liquor labels, and more tobaccos, lottery, football pools and bottles. I would spend my life here: more than “gambling time in bars”.

Translated by @silaskin

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