Banco Bar

ZERO here: Beve Martini Cocktail

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Banco Bar Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 46


  • lunedi 08–02
  • martedi 08–02
  • mercoledi 08–02
  • giovedi 08–02
  • venerdi 08–02
  • sabato 08–02
  • domenica 08–02

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Nomen omen, at Banco we sit at the bank. And it’ s over: the owner is Maurizio, the same as the Elettrauto Cadore, a serious bartender who prepares (or makes the guys prepare depending on the situation, including waitresses) Martini cocktails that can satisfy the most hardened bankers in the city. It’s not for nothing that the place boasts the title of “Dry Martini Clubhouse”, and upon request it issues a certificate with a badge to become a member. Elbows at the counter or overlooking the Naviglio, order your drink (always accompanied by a glass of water, thank you) choosing the ingredients from the excellent bottles that fill the shelves in front and behind the counter. The simple things are the best: the same goes for the bars.

Translated by @silaskin