Peck Italian Bar

ZERO here: Beve Cerberus, il Bloody Mary della casa


Peck Italian Bar Via Cesare Cantù, 3


  • lunedi 07:30–22
  • martedi 07:30–22
  • mercoledi 07:30–22
  • giovedi 07:30–22
  • venerdi 07:30–22
  • sabato 09–22
  • domenica chiuso

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If you want to make some new friends that’s your place. Remember: it is not the cowl that makes the monk; in fact even if location and furnishing are a little bit impersonal the staff is very nice trying to make you confortable. Among cocktails you have not to miss the “Cerberus” (a Bloody Mary made with fresh tomatoes instead of tomato juice). The buffet and the appetizer are good but not excellent considering Peck’s quality. Prices are on average with the rest of the bars in the neighbourhood.
– Translation by Sarah Dongiovanni