Un Posto a Milano

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Un Posto a Milano Via Privata Cuccagna, 2


  • lunedi 10–00
  • martedi 10–00
  • mercoledi 10–00
  • giovedi 10–00
  • venerdi 10–01
  • sabato 10–01
  • domenica 10–00

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Milan citizens get nuts for Cascina Cuccagna, a little oasis where you can stay in the open air in an urban area full of cement. “Un Posto a Milano” is the café and restaurant of the cottage: a place aiming high at quality and research for raw materials, in the same way in which Cuccagna did among Coldiretti markets, meetings with Italian high quality producers and rustic happy hours. Concerning happy hours: the choice – that according to us is more than agreeable – is not to serve food “for free” or, even worst, a buffet. You can drink good wines, artisanal beers and “twisted” cocktails such as the Postow Mule (made with crushed ginger roots and chilli pepper ginger beer) or the Mojito d’Oriente (with cinnamon syrup and several types of rum). If you get hungry you can ask “tapas” aside (that here they call “tasting” and offer at 1-1.50 eurocents): boiled egg with mayonnaise served with capers or anchovy together with mondeghili (typical Milanese’s balls made of meat, chickpeas or other vegetables) and arancine… Milan citizens get nuts for them, as we already said. For this reason the place is often very overcrowded and the service gets confused, even in the restaurant mastered by Nicola Cavallaro. Our suggestion is to stay calm and enjoy the cottage. Furthermore, if you want to relax completely you can spend the afternoon there, together with a nice book, a glass of wine and many interesting mothers.