La Taverna Gourmet

ZERO here: Ha speso 25 € per una pizza

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La Taverna Gourmet Via Maffei, 12


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If spending more than 30 euros on a pizza (to which you obviously add everything else) doesn’t interest you for economic/moral/unknown-unspoken reasons, it’s useless to read this review.
Personally I find it a very expensive, but I also thought so when I spent 18 € for a cocktail. But after all, who cares about my opinion on the price policy if the venue in question has its audience and works? Zero, indeed.
In the end it was curiosity that drove me to try La Taverna Gourmet: not very tavern, but very gourmand already at the first glance. In fact, the waiters welcome us professionally and smiling and after having accompanied us to the table they take our coats; the atmosphere is very elegant, we appreciate especially the American diner tables (even if in a much more contemporary style), with very comfortable benches that are independent.


Overall, the place is to all intents and purposes a restaurant, certainly not a pizzeria and even less a tavern (the name comes from the famous pizzeria in Anzani street, the ownership belongs to the same person).
Restaurant, we were saying: in fact, while we’re taking a look at the menu we are served an amuse-bouche of sea bass and artichoke pesto, a spoonful of delicacies.
Having decided to swap pizzas with each other, we skip the tasting option and order three different ones. Of each one, served in slices, you can choose the dough, long leavening, prepared with sourdough and special flours and/or integrals; you can also add an ingredient to the dough, as in the case of black cuttlefish inside the best pizza of the evening, the Cantabrian (25 €), with in fact Cantabrian anchovies, stracciatella, pomegranate and fennel.


Also the Patanegra, stracciatella and figs (24 €) does not disappoint our expectations, instead we enjoy it to the last bite.
Most of the ingredients are added after cooking, and cooked separately or simply added cold: a choice that highlights pizzas such as Cantabrico or Patanegra, but penalizes the more traditional ones: this is the case of Margherita gourmet (14 €) with dough with basil, buffalo mozzarella, Piennolo tomato, Parmesan cheese and green and red basil. In fact the ingredients were unbounded, it is the one we liked the least.
Let’s close with the desserts, sincerely not unforgettable: a sacher and a berry tart with white chocolate, more beautiful to see than to eat.
All in all: it was a pleasant experience, but I don’t know if I will return there again. And, heading back to the beginning, it’s also a question of the wallet.

Translated by @silaskin