Frijenno, Magnanno

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Frijenno, Magnanno Via Benedetto Marcello, 93


  • lunedi 12–14:30 , 19–00
  • martedi 12–14:30 , 19–00
  • mercoledi 12–14:30 , 19–00
  • giovedi 12–14:30 , 19–00
  • venerdi 12–14:30 , 19–00
  • sabato 12–14:30 , 19–00
  • domenica chiuso

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With all the fine pizzerias that have opened in Milan in recent years, the risk you run is that you will forget who has been preparing a proper pizza since the last century, or even earlier if you consider the year in which Giuseppe Tommasino’s first pizzeria opened in Naples in 1871.
From generation to generation, the Tommasino family arrived in Milan in 1997 and since then they have only renovated the restaurant, because everything else has fortunately remained unchanged.
First of all, the name is the same as the most famous Neapolitan recipe book. That is a guarantee.
The fried pizza is the exceptional visit ticket, a giant, tasty and even digestible panzerotto that seems to mitigate the homesickness of Neapolitans when away from home. My favorite is the ‘A scarurella with escarole, anchovies, black olives from Gaeta, I can hardly order anything except the excellent dough, obviously homemade. I usually taste everything else from the others: from “not fried” pizzas to Neapolitan dishes (be careful: in this case the bill rises significantly), hardly anything goes wrong around here, both for the skill of cooks and pizza chefs and for the quality ingredients (one above them all: the provolone del Monaco cheese). As their slogan states, “nun scurdammoce ‘o passato” meaning “Let’s not forget the past.”.

Translated by @silaskin