Olio a crudo

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Olio a crudo Via Montevideo, 2


  • lunedi 12–15:30 , 19–23
  • martedi 12–15:30 , 19–23
  • mercoledi 12–15:30 , 19–23
  • giovedi 12–15:30 , 19–23
  • venerdi 12–15:30 , 19–23
  • sabato 12–15:30 , 19–23
  • domenica 12–15:30 , 19–23

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Following Lievito Madre al Duomo and Antica Pizza Fritta da Zia Esterina, Gino Sorbillo opened another pizzeria in Milan, this time in the Tortona district. The name takes its inspiration from the habit of putting the oil as raw, and it seems relevant to me to write what oil it is: namely the Umbrian Frantoio Gradassi, decanted into the ever-present copper cruets so dear to pizza chefs and so hated by Report. In fact, as the inscription next to the oven informs us, there are no fats, sugars, milk and derivatives in the dough, but only type 1 soft wheat flour and Caputo cereal hearts. Great attention, of course, also to the raw materials, at least judging by the first seven pizzas on the menu (7-15 €): from culatello and Faicchio salami to San Marzano tomatoes, pacchetelle (tomato fillets), lucariello or spunzillo tomatoes, from fresh provola cheese of Agerola to Tuscan ricotta made from sheep’s milk you will become a part of a culture. On the list there are also some Italian dishes (from spaghetti with tomato sauce to parmesan cheese) and dessert specialities from Campania by Sal De Riso. It’s like being in the Courts’ street: Gino has hit once again.

Translated by @silaskin