Mad Dog Social Club

ZERO here: Si spaparanza sui divanetti in pelle a bere cocktail a base di vermouth


Mad Dog Social Club Via Maria Vittoria,


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  • martedi 21–02
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Written by Simone Muzza il 5 December 2016

Once, it was the American: Campari, Vermouth and soda. But, the Count Negroni appreciated it with gin. And so it was born the cocktail with the same name that is so
venerated at the Mad Dog. I am not a negronist, but it is very hard don’t be attracted by one of the revisiting of the place: the Daiquiri version, for example, is a pleasant discover! At the Mad Dog the surprises start immediately: if you want to enter it’s necessary a password, like in the American speakeasy of Prohibition. To know it is necessary to click on the place’s website and to answer to the question. The next step is to book a table by using e – mail and try to understand which of that anonymous wood doors of Maria Vittoria Street is the secret club. I ring the intercom and they come to get me: between the soft lights, the piano and the brick wall, suddenly I let myself get carried away into 20’s. The smoking room would attract even the most obstinate enemy of cigarettes, with the sliding glass door and the leather armchairs on which I would have stayed for hours, comfortably seated to chat, forgetting the swing concert, held in one of the two rooms of the place.

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