Kulturfolger Idastrasse , 46


  • lunedi chiuso
  • martedi 14–18
  • mercoledi 14–18
  • giovedi 14–18
  • venerdi 14–18
  • sabato chiuso
  • domenica chiuso

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Kulturfolger says yes! Plays with references, appropriation, text, images, classification, entities, myths… An entangled blend of ideas and a collage of time which resists and reworks linear conceptions of history, evolution, and ecology. Kulturfolger is a work in progress, an advocate for uncomfortability, uncertainty, ambivalence, abundance and acceptance. A field between ethic and poetic interpretation is occupied, as we embrace the undefined and deviate from the pursuit of truth or possibility of doubt.

Kulturfolger asks- What is curation in the age of limitless information, multiplicity of identities, voices and opinions? How to explore, explode conditioned expectations through discernment and selection, yet still hold space for a multitude of truths, beings and processes? Apprehending the infinite variety of being through a spectrum, parallelism, through heterogeneous detonations. The world – simultaneously natural, artificial, designed, wild, engineered, rough and sweet contends with our personal parameters shift shaping to our many natures and points of attention. This is all a natural environment in which we love the ARTificial.

Lisa Lee Benjamin, Marcel Schock, Berni Stoller, Petra Tomljanovic