Don’t Panic: ZERO assists you

In tanti ti stanno dicendo cosa non fare a causa del Coronavirus, noi ti diciamo cosa puoi fare

Written by Simone Muzza il 25 February 2020
Aggiornato il 17 March 2020

ZERO is a guide of entertainment in the city: since 1996 it tells you where to go dancing, listen to concerts, visit exhibitions, bars, restaurants, museums, galleries; we have always been the first enjoyers of the events and places we talk about, therefore it will be a very difficult period for us. Closed schools, such as bars after 6pm, sports clubs, swimming pools, gyms, stadiums. Open (and looted) supermarkets. Open but empty restaurants. Functioning and deserted public transport. The questionable choices of the Ministry of Health, combined with an understandable fear of citizens about something that nobody knows with certainty concerning the gravity and the real consequences of the Coronavirus, are creating panic. Walking around Milan on the first day since the entry into force of the restrictions throughout Lombardy, the atmosphere is not the best: few people around except in supermarkets, many masks, signs on the doors of shops and bars that try to reassure on the cleaning systems of the air and of the place itself, a very uncomfortable end-of-the-world feeling.

No, we do not want to belittle the Coronavirus, nor to be superficial: we respect everyone’s fears and we know that the virus can hit anyone and even kill those who have health problems; we are also aware that one of the problems taken into consideration is the threat that so many people get affected contemporaneously, with all the critical aspects of the case; however, we do not want Milan to become a ghost town for one, two, who knows how many weeks or months, with all the economic, political and social consequences of the case.

Anyway, we are sure that, respecting the Ministry’s precautions, going out a few hours a day is good for you, while staying at home 24/7 is detrimental to your health, both physically and mentally.
A lot of people are telling us what not to do, so we thought we could tell you what you can do: at home if you don’t feel like going out – from personal trainers you have to follow to stay in shape while you’re pacing between chips and video games to the shopping list to survive, besides of course the headlights to the best events of March when we hope it will all be over – and outside if you’re bolder – from bars where you can have an aperitif during the day to places where you can go for a walk, run, play football and why not? golf, just to name a few.

And, at the end of it all, when the Coronavirus will be just a memory, we will go out and party.

Translated by Sila Turku Askin

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