sab 09.06 2018

ELEV8:LIVE Conference


Stauffacherstrasse, 8004 Zurich


sabato 09 giugno 2018
H 10:00 - 19:30


65.00 - 300.00 CHF


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The Elevate Symposium aims to explore humanity’s potential for raising our mental capacity, optimising health and hacking our biology.

It is dedicated to create transformational crypto currencies, dynamic mind-sets, ecological and technological systems to regenerate the planet and realise the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Several workshops and events are going to take place in the duration of the days after the conference.The speakers are from vastly diverse backgrounds, and all offer unique, informed perspectives on specialist topics in ecology, consciousness research, blockchain & cryptocurrencies, biohacking, and how harnessing this knowledge as a species lead us to a better future.

Topics include:
Wim Hof Method™ & the Science Behind
Beyond Blockchain Crypto Value
Dennis McKenna Book Launch
Eco-Tech for Sustainable Futures
Biohacking for Optimal Health
U.N. Sustainable Development Goals
Psychedelic Therapy Revolution
Regenerating the Planet

Featuring Guest Speakers:

Dennis McKenna will be doing book launch for ESPD50

Kiki Bosch – Disturb the comfort workshops with Ice cold water endurance (Bring swim suit) alternate ticket required

Theo Cosmora – CEO beyond blockchain crypto value for the UN sustainable development goals

Steve McDonald – Ex australian army helicopter pilot and Conscious crypto startup founder

Dr Octavio Rettig Hinojosa – Medical doctor and Bufo Alvarius toad shamanic healer

Kathelin Gray – Co-Founder Biosphere2, producer, curator, director and writer

Kern Frost – High performance trainer, entrepreneur, author and founder of the Human Blockchain

Susan Seiler – Editor Gaia Media magazine and online think tank for planetary consciousness

Matthias Wittfoth – Neuroscientist: the Science behind the Wim Hof Method podcast

Luc Sala – journalist, entrepreneur, and prolific writer about technical, ICT and esoteric subjects, also managing the spiritual center Myster near Venlo/Breyell

Plus more!

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