dom 17.11 2019

Kibit: Rhythm & Logic


MuDA – Museum of Digital Art
Pfingstweid St, 8005 Zurich


domenica 17 novembre 2019
H 14:00 - 16:00


10.00 CHF

Limited to 10 kids
Lesson in German and English (French spoken by teachers)

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This Kibit theme is all about Rhythm & Logic – inspired by the wonderful Vera Molnar who is currently on exhibit at the MuDA!

Kibit will become the “the imaginary machine”//la machine imaginaire//, an open lab of Molnar-inspired activities where Geometric shapes and code will be will be our main companions through this discovery of Rhythm and Logic!

Spark a lifelong passion for computing and the arts!

Great for ages 6 – 11
* Kids are allowed without a parent if 7 years of age and above.

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