mar 16.06 2020

OM + Pontiak


Theaterstrasse, 8001 Zurich


martedì 16 giugno 2020
H 21:00


46.00 - 48.00 CHF

Fresh off the release of their live double 10″, BBC Radio 1, OM are ready to rumble through Europe for the first time in the new decade! The record features two songs each from Advaitic Songs and God Is Good, ever evolving and laid down with a pristine quality you’d expect from a band in its prime! Deep, meditative rhythms and patterns stir the pot when OM cook up their bitch’s brew, a recipe that continues into 2020 and beyond with their live show currently at a high point! And so it’s high time for everyone to mark June 16 on their calendar and prepare for the arrival of Al, Emil and Tyler – feel the vibrations and make the pilgrimage back to OM!

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