mer 29.07 2020

RFSC DJ-Workshop


Rote Fabrik - Musik
Seestrasse, 8002 Zurich


mercoledì 29 luglio 2020
H 18:00 - 00:00

With this workshop, queer artists from Zurich offer to give insights into the first steps and technical aspects of DJing. Knowing that there is way more to twisting knobs and fiddling with faders, we want to encourage participants to try out the equipment that is regularly used for DJing in clubs to loosen reservations and get to know the basics.

We want to encourage fellow queers to register, and we will also give preference to BIPOC and FLINT identifying persons.

If you are interested, please write a short message to about you and your interest in taking part in the workshop. Due to limited space we want to give the opportunity to the genuinely interested and those that do not have the opportunity to access DJ equipment and connections. Let us know if you are a BIPOC and/or FLINT identifying person, but only if you feel comfortable sharing this information. Identity should not be seen or used as a tool for exclusion, but rather we want to point out the persisting lack of diversity in the club landscape of Zurich and take active part in a change.

In this workshop we are offering accessible, understandable and practical insights into our own artistic workflows so that we can share and learn together. There are a thousand ways to make a mix, we want to show the participants that most of what makes a mix good is to have fun with it. To try equipment in a safe environment without judgment is a great opportunity to loosen reservations.

Prior knowledge of DJing is not required. However, there will be a couple video tutorials to watch as homework, so that we can save time explaining and use more time for hands-on practice with the equipment. We’d also like to encourage you to bring your own music along on a USB stick or as vinyls, since it helps to practice with tracks you already know – and also cause we want to hear what music YOU want to play!

The workshop will take place in the club room of Rote Fabrik with the option of playing a B2B2B2B* on the club soundsystem following the workshop.

*B2B means back to back DJing where two or more DJs play songs after each other.

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