mar 17.10 2017

Word Up!: «Jacques Rancière Parle»


Cabaret Voltaire
Spiegelgasse, 8001 Zurich


martedì 17 ottobre 2017
H 20:00 - 21:30

Lecture by and conversation with Jacques Rancière (FR)
Curated by Hayat Erdoğan (DE)

The lecture by and conversation with Jacques Rancière is a new episode in the series Great Thinkers that started in December 2014 as a pilot at Cabaret Voltaire. Great Thinkers still follows its main idea: the search and yearn for great thinkers as inspirational and influential thinkers. The guests invited to the series Great Thinkers are anticipating answers to the questions that one might ask oneself today as regards of the right choices – if there is such a thing as right − in and of life, politics, love, art and belief.
And one of the answers to the question who the Great Thinkers of our times are is: Jacques Rancière.
He is certainly one of the most influential and prominent philosophers on political and aesthetic theories, for which he has become a point of reference in the art field, in aesthetic discourses. No wonder: For Jacques Rancière art has an emancipatory potential. But this results from a radical indifference and autonomy of art. Within the aesthetical regime the becoming heteronomous of art is something that can only be controlled by art.
Great Thinkers has a simple set-up: a long table, wine and cheese, and a small stage. A philosopher talks about a topic, discusses a question that he/she can choose. What concerns him/her most? What does he/she consider to be his/her greatest intellectual achievement? How does he/she develop a thought, an argument and a theory? After his/her lecture we have the possibility to talk and discuss with him/her on his/her thesis and thoughts.

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