mar 21.11 2017

Thus I Spoke: «Dying On Stage», 2015


Cabaret Voltaire
Spiegelgasse, 8001 Zurich


martedì 21 novembre 2017
H 20:00 - 22:15

Performance by Christodoulos Panayiotou (CY), performed by dancer Jean Capeille (FR), Duration: 2 h 15 min
Curated by Michelangelo Miccolis (IT)

Christodoulos Panayiotou’s lecture-performance Dying On Stage is a meditation on the impossible theatrical representation of death. Taking as its starting point Rudolf Nureyev’s 1991 staging of the classical ballet «La Bayadère», which was choreographed whilst Nureyev’s health was critically deteriorating, Dying On Stage explores various literal, metaphorical, and symbolic deaths by examining the vicious relationship between the spectator, the actor and the characters trapped in the action.

Previous presentations include: Stromboli Volcano Extravaganza 2015; Serpentine Galleries, London; Performa 15 and more recently the Onassis Foundation in Athens and the CND (Centre National de la Dance) after the invitation of Jérôme Bel (Lab Bel).

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