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Kasheme NEUGASSE , 56


Kasheme stands for conscious listening of the universal language of music and also to each other. Kasheme sees music as a healing force and appreciate it as a spiritual discipline.

The aim is to connect people from different cultures and backgrounds through music. Kasheme welcomes and encourages an open culture of dialog, exchange and togetherness.

Its aim is not only to create a sense of community through music, but to also create a space for inspiration and opportunities. Kasheme wants to provide a unique experience for everyone born out of hospitality.

„Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something“ – Gil Scott Heron

“Nada Brahma – The world is sound” – Quote from the old Vedas

Kasheme sees the future through a critical yet positive and creative mindset rooted in its universal Tribe values. Kasheme has chosen “love” instead of “fear” to challenge the current reality we find ourselves in.