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Brand New Wines is a boutique wine provider specialised in rare natural wines from ancient Venetian lands. BNW is an exclusive importer to Switzerland for Roxanich wines, offers the magic of Roxanich’s own not less than 20 wine labels and presents them to three distinctive customers groups – wine shops, HoReCa and private wine lovers.

Visit the showroom at Hornbachstrasse 64, 8008 Zürich, or find out more about the offer on https://brandnewwines.com

Honest and Natural Wine

The Roxanich wines are meant for intelligent people, capable of opening their minds and senses, ready for an exciting voyage of personal discovery.

Natural wines are not for everyone. They require knowledge, learning, indulging and an insatiable quest for perfection. It’s impossible to love every natural wine, as they are personal, individual and with strong character. You need to discover your favorite labels first, which may take months and rounds of tries, unlike plastic wines which always taste the same, but once you arrive there, you are fallen in love for a lifetime.

Away from chemical, industrial wines made in enormous quantities mainly to generate profits for its investors – leading to rare, long-aged, honest, biodynamic, limited edition wines, not only farmed organically, but left equally untouched later in the wine-making process, without adding anything foreign or removing anything from the wine.

Meet the Winemakers

Roxanich wines are made of autochthonous and internationally recognized grape varieties, all in accordance with the highest ecological standards. The vineyards are cultivated by methods that follow traditional cultivation techniques, with crop control and minimal use of technology. The selection ranges from light and refreshing whites and roses to the rich, long aged orange and reds.

Wine & Design

The wine showroom is located inside the Brand New World Salon in leafy Seefeld, dedicated to change the way people think about and engage with design. Its mission is to promote collectible design objects that will constantly grow in value – and people, projects, ideas and avant-garde wine, that will change the world’s understanding of wine & design, carefully mixed with iconic art objects, to create an exiting dialogue.

Brand New World Salon presents contemporary art, design and wines in a brand new way to the Swiss and global audience – bold, playful, curious, global, inspirational and transparent – with our distinctive joi-de-vivre.