Sat 13.04 2019

Acquario: Jane Fitz


Viale Espinasse 41, 20156 Milano


Saturday 13 April 2019
H 14:00 - 00:00

How much

€ 10 + tessera Masada da fare almeno 48 ore prima

If the idea of working out all your Design Week plans makes your head spin, imagine having to organise Jane Fitz’s endless vinyl collection. Over 10 thousand records, of every genre possible and imaginable, thanks to the volcanic eclecticism of the British producer. At home at London’s Peg Night but a tireless globetrotter, Fitz is a a guarantee no matter the latitude: from New York’s Body & Soul parties to Jakarta’s psytrance raves, via the Bulgarian mountains for Meadows Festival, not to mention her work as a journalist for Music News-Asia in Hong Kong.

Her sets are a melting pot of the most varied influences with a hint of psychedelia, her inventiveness and attention to detail are stunning, whether she’s playing acid, ambient, dreamy techno or cosmic house (she’s a self-declared “disciple” of our national treasure Daniele Baldelli). In the incessant chaos of the most hyped week of the Milanese season, treat yourself to an afternoon of “apnea” in Masada (from 2pm) with Acquario’s immersive format. When the sun goes down, you’ll find the party continues pretty much wherever you turn in the city

Written by Lorenzo Giannetti

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