Masada Viale Espinasse, 41

At a short distance from the beautiful and futuristic ex area Agip in piazzale Acqursio, there is Masada, a loft of the kind of friend everyone would want. Moreover this place was recently bought by Lapo Elkann aiming to restructure it. Here have born a series of new daily parties and the boys of Acquario and Closer follow this trend gathering both experienced clubber but not only – people who during the years see mostly everything – and youngsters travelling across Europe on all-wheel drive. Not only afternoon parties but also little concerts of different kind, shows and lectures enliven the club and if you usually go there – as we do – you’ll see it change and renew one month after the other. In this moment there is a big bookshelf, a little stage, a double door and several soundproof walls: in the entrance there are materials through which they do the restructuring work in order to improve the space. At least you know where are going the money you spend here for drinks and your nights.