Tue 09.04 2019

NUL: Design Week Opening Party


Spazio Stecca
Via De Castillia 26, Milano


  • Tyler Ov Gaia


Tuesday 09 April 2019
H 18:00 - 01:00

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Nul was born 7 years ago in a former printing works in Ventura-Lambrate. A slightly reckless arty-party that took over industrial spaces and established new connections between music and other languages before settling at Plastic. Remember that before the Museo del Novecento brought Franco Mazzucchelli to Milan last spring, it was NUL creator Tyler Ov Gaia who introduced us to the artist’s inflatable PVC and polyethylene giants, left in piazzas and suburbs to be used unpredictably and then photographed.

This time the focus is on the music, electronica with plenty of non-western influences and a nod to straight 4/4, that Tyler will be playing among the skyscrapers of Porta Volta, no doubt cheering up the plants in the adjacent Library of Trees. After all, he is the master of harmonising sounds with nature, given that he lives in a house he built himself in a wild forest on the Island of Elba.

Written by EZT

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