Dove mettere i piedi a mollo a Milano (e, con una buona dose di coraggio, farsi il bagno)

Written by Martina Di Iorio il 18 June 2019 Aggiornato il 21 June 2019

This is not an Open Studio service. No tourist with a fan built into the hat has been mistreated to get this confidential information. Everything stems from the exquisitely human, somewhat primordial need to come into contact with the natural element par excellence, that of which we are at least 60% composed. No, it is not beer, nor wine: but water.

There is no need to improvise inflatable pools on the balcony as if you were in an episode of Gomorra. The work to be done is much more like what Anita did in Trevi calling a hesitant Marcello. Soaking your feet in public fountains – or taking a bath, but don’t tell anyone – may seem like a riot act par excellence; we think instead that it is an instrument of urban survival when the sea is too far away, our wallets too deflated, or our armpits too spotted.

There is no need for Italy to win the World Cup or the Inter championship (you could wait centuries in either case, sorry Simo), to live the vibrant experience of entering a fountain, even if only with your feet. Any occasion is good to lower your body temperature during the summer months in Milan. In this guide we will take you to soak among the most beautiful and clean (?) fountains in the city: in the parks, in the middle of the squares, in the dark or exposed to sunlight. And if the Police arrive there is only one thing to do: run away. When wet, it’s harder to catch you.

Translated by Sila Turku Askin

Contenuto pubblicato su ZeroMilano - 2019-07-01

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