Orsonero Coffee

ZERO here: Beve specialty coffee e si sente in Canada.

quartiere Porta-Venezia


Orsonero Coffee Via Broggi, 15


  • lunedi chiuso
  • martedi 08–18
  • mercoledi 08–18
  • giovedi 08–18
  • venerdi 08–18
  • sabato 08–18
  • domenica 08–13

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From Canada to Milan the step is short. Brent Jopson loves coffee more than anything else and decides, together with his wife Giulia, to take a little bit of Vancouver to Via Broggi, a few steps from Porta Venezia. Orsonero Coffee is in fact a café specialized in alternative extraction methods that are still too little known and consumed in Italy. Like the cold brew, the aeropress, the American-style filter, in this small place Brent and Giulia are looking for specialty blends, and with this term only those of the highest quality with green beans and particular roasting methods are indicated. Orsonero is also reminiscent of cafés overseas with its furnishings: light wood, linear details, no frills. Prices range from 3 to 5 € and you can eat croissants and pastries. To indulge our caffeine addiction.

Translated by @silaskin