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quartiere Porta Garibaldi

Foto di Marco Beolchi


Cafezal Via Solferino, 27


  • lunedi 08–18
  • martedi 08–18
  • mercoledi 08–18
  • giovedi 08–18
  • venerdi 08–18
  • sabato 09–18
  • domenica 09–18

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The invasion of specialty coffees doesn’t stop. It almost seems as if we have forgotten that we are great coffee drinkers, and to remind us of this here are the numerous openings involving the most famous drink in the world. Cafezal follows this path, and does so with class, entrusting the realization of its spaces to the studio of architects Pepe. Pass by here if you want a fancy coffee, and you will discover that there is talk of terroir not only for the wine but also for the famous bean, which here comes from different international territories: Brazil and Ethiopia, in the front line. We ask for a coffee with a strong acidity, let’s pretend to know. They kindly recommend an African blend and prepare it with V60. But you can also choose the aeropress (preparation that uses pressure to extract coffee) or a classic espresso. Besides being a bar, Cafezal is also a wholesale and shop where you can take home the coffee already ground. The coffee convinces us, the place is very elegant and chic. On the other hand, we are in Moscova, there is certainly no shortage of cool people.

Translated by @silaskin

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