Suzy Milano

ZERO here: Oliva o limone?

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Suzy Milano Via Solferino, 29


  • lunedi 18–02
  • martedi 18–02
  • mercoledi 18–02
  • giovedi 18–02
  • venerdi 18–02
  • sabato 18–02
  • domenica 18–02

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A cocktail bar entirely dedicated to the king of drinks: the Martini Cocktail. Complex, fascinating, mysterious and difficult for an inexperienced liver. But what a pleasure when that transparent liquid comes down to fill the iconic cooled cup. Here the menu celebrates in all its forms this prince of mixing. On paper you can find 9 of them and not only with gin: vodka, sake, for twists on the classic version that do not displease anyone. We go on the classic and we have an in & out that we drink at the counter. The place is small, it fills up in an instant and we like it. There’s no shortage of classic mixing as well. Between pink neon lights and post-industrial furniture, we go home on our elbows.

Translated by @silaskin

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