Lido Liquor Bar

ZERO here: Si nasconde.

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Lido Liquor Bar Piazzale Cantore, 4


  • lunedi 17–03
  • martedi 17–03
  • mercoledi 17–03
  • giovedi 17–03
  • venerdi 17–03
  • sabato 17–03
  • domenica chiuso

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The Lido Liquor Bar is a small bar in Piazzale Cantore. One of those places where you go in peace and quiet and stop for a drink that then becomes two, three, four. The atmosphere is calm, relaxed, no pretensions of great mixology, at the bar you sit down and you don’t have to pretend to know the difference between whiskey and bourbon. Besides, if you know it, it’s always better. The Lido is a place of friends, even if you don’t know anyone you can get them to love you in an instant. And, it will be the drinks, it will be that at the bar counter everyone is better, you find yourself telling your jinxes to the first stranger. Then something happens. They tell you there’s a secret passage, but it’s secret for real. It’s not to be talked about. You don’t believe it because you’re a bit drunk, but as always in life you don’t back out and accept the invitation in this third dimension that opens right under the counter.


Usually it’s closed, used as a warehouse, and magically populated for musical evenings and DJ sets communicated from time to time: only 40 people all together, for an epic night where you listen to music, sway and if you like, make out too. A few lights, a console and space for the artists’ instruments. No programming, you follow the emotions here at the Lido and the events are communicated from time to time. This increases the curiosity for an unexpected place. Mum’s the word, though.

Translated by @silaskin