Teatro Ca' Foscari


Teatro Ca' Foscari Calle Larga Santa Marta (Dorsoduro), 2137

Once used as a theater room for the employees of the former Santa Marta cotton mill, the Ca’ Foscari Theater is a classic Italian theater capable of accommodating up to 186 people. We are in the university district a stone’s throw from the station, immersed in a context of redeveloped industrial archeology. Outside the bricks, in comfortable armchairs and the constant attempt to give a function not only to these academic places. Its offer consists of theater workshops and shows are mostly connected to study days and to topics covered in university courses. A pity that it is not used more often, especially since there is no space for contemporary theater. From time to time its meager programming hosts the crossings of experimental companies, it is the cases in which we never fail to demonstrate our support.