Il nemico

ZERO here: Fa avanti e indietro dai due locali.


Il nemico Via Piacenza, 20


  • lunedi 18–01
  • martedi 18–01
  • mercoledi 18–01
  • giovedi 18–01
  • venerdi 18–02
  • sabato 18–02
  • domenica 18–02

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Dabass is a lucky story. Three guys – Roberto, Andrea and Maddalena – open a small place in Porta Romana. Things are going well, they know how to do it, there isn’t an evening that it isn’t full. So they decide to expand, in the enterprise of colonizing via Piacenza, behind Giannasi, the one of the chickens. This time the newborn is called Il Nemico (The Enemy), and you will only find out the name if you go into the bathroom and look up, where a giant neon sign stands out. Soon open also from lunch, the formula is leaner and faster: dishes to share and cocktails at all hours. To make a continuous shuttle between the two places: you enter in one and exit from the other.

Translated by @silaskin

Contenuto pubblicato su ZeroMilano - 2019-09-01