Mezzanino di Porta Venezia - Nike Dance Studio

Foto di Valentina De Zanche


Mezzanino di Porta Venezia - Nike Dance Studio MM Porta Venezia,

The Porta Venezia metro is the historic dance venue par excellence for a large number of dance crews, associations and dance schools based in Milan and the surrounding area. Without going around it too much, this is the public space where most of the young dancers of Milan meet to train, every day of the week, from the afternoon onwards.

There are two physical places where the crews meet: the famous mezzanine, which connects the entrance to the metro under Piazza Oberdan and the exits of Corso Buenos Aires, and the passante train station, the area at the end of the archway from which you can access the tracks below. The mezzanine has always been an aggregator of different genres, ethnicities, ages and dance styles, which together paint a comprehensive picture of Milanese multiculturalism: hip-hop, breakdance, k-pop, but also caporales, krump, LA style and house are what you can expect to see.

In this lowered space, intended as a simple link between the subway exits, music and culture become one, and the elaborate choreographies of each group/dancer are an incredible spectacle for anyone passing by.
The mezzanine has recently been redeveloped by the Dance Studio project, totally renovated and equipped with mirrors, platforms and music stations, thanks to which dancers can express their energy and talent simply by choosing the music and starting to dance. In addition, lessons for enthusiasts and beginners will be organized soon. To receive updates first, sign up here.

Dancefloors between metro and passante train are a form of spontaneous urban regeneration: through art and dance entire communities of artists from many different cultures and with various stylistic influences have brought a unique identity to this cold and transit space, making it more alive than ever before.

Translated by @silaskin