Piazza Santa Francesca Romana

Foto di Valentina De Zanche


Piazza Santa Francesca Romana Piazza Santa Francesca Romana,

The church of Santa Francesca Romana is located in a recess of Viale Regina Giovanna, a few meters from the intersection with Corso Buenos Aires. The pedestrian square in front of it, narrow between via Spallanzani and via Alvise Cadamosto, is a meeting place for groups of contemporary dance, k-pop and L.A. style, of Italian and Filipino origin. To the rhythm of the best pop and k-pop, the square becomes lively on weekends already from late afternoon, until about 8 in the evening.

The tree-lined square is a perfect place for those who train, with the exits of the passerby just a few meters away, the trams along Viale Regina Giovanna, some benches and a small shelter under which to hide when it rains. Some dance groups prefer to come here when the mezzanine of the metro is too crowded: the area is in fact an excellent compromise between the chaos of the shopping street of Corso Buenos Aires and the quiet residential area along Via Giovanni Battista Morgagni. Certainly the colder it gets, the more demanding it is to decide to train in outdoor areas, but Santa Francesca Romana is an established meeting point for various communities, and as long as it continues to host k-pop and L.A. style groups, it will remain the second spot in the Porta Venezia area where dance, culture and city blend together.

Translated by @silaskin