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Oro Secret Room Via Ascanio Sforza (ang. Conchetta), 59


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Imagine picking up a carton and going down on this trip signed by Terry Monroe. We had no doubt, Oro could only arise from someone who has worked as an alchemist behind the counter for years. A sort of secret bar, you can access it by reservation and, picking up the phone, you are invited to get off in what is the new project of the barlady, playing with numbers, perfumes, essences and spirits. On the lower floor of the Farmacia Alcolica (via Conchetta) there is Oro, a timeless place, a counter reminiscent of a pharmacy, ampoules, velvet curtains, baroque and burlesque interiors, kitch elements that do not spoil this absurd stage. A theatre where you will be accompanied by Terry, a great master of ceremonies, and his boys.

You will enter after registering, thus becoming a member of a cocktail society that aims to customize time after time the service to the customer based on his/her tastes. The drink list is very special: you will not find a simple cocktail list, but the great spirits which are flavoured and infused by Terry with spices of all kinds. The cocktail then becomes tailor made under the guidance of the guys at Oro, who will explain how to compose the drink according to your tastes. We do not deny that this may not be easy to understand, in fact Oro is a bar that seems to be more aimed at a niche of passionate consumers than an audience that drinks indiscriminately. The prices, Terry explains, are all multiples of prime numbers: the first time you pay 17 € and for the drinks to follow 11. Then it depends on what you drink.

We drink a Manhattan and a Martini to perfection, balanced in perfume and dilution. We discuss about alchemy, witches, old pianos and saxophones. A bit like in the scene of a 1930s movie, we continue to talk about spices, forgotten bitters, loves and cocktails. A surreal place, involving a good dose of identification in what is the realm of a very eccentric and certainly competent barlady.

Translated by @silaskin

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