Gelateria Orsi

ZERO here: Mangia gelato al cioccolato dolce un po' salato.


Gelateria Orsi Via Evangelista Torriccelli, 19


  • lunedi
  • martedi 08–18
  • mercoledi 08–18
  • giovedi 08–18
  • venerdi 11–18
  • sabato 11–18
  • domenica chiuso

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If you’ve never been there, it’s not because the Gelateria Orsi isn’t good, on the contrary it is, it’s simply a bit out of the social sphere – in the sense of social, in the sense of network. Let’s be clear, they’ re home-made ice cream fans. And they’ve been doing it since 1936. They don’t need to excel on the web, the only showcase they believe in is the one under the counter, the display of one of the best ice cream in Milan.

The Gelateria Orsi is absolutely in a strategic position, between Naviglio Pavese and the small streets behind the outer ring road, where an ice-cream can still be very delicious and cheap. I have no doubt about my favourite flavours: pistachio, not the usual milk-based but soya, light and creamy, and Modica chocolate, which melts in the mouth and remains a bit bitter like the most natural cocoa.

The beauty of the gelateria Orsi lies in the nearby courtyard: a sort of gallery, but spacious and colorful, perfect to concede a sin of appetite.

Now forget the web, forget social media, forget even your smartphone. Get out. Walk. Have an ice cream in Orsi. It’s always the right season.

Translated by @silaskin