Teatro dell'Opera

ZERO here: segue lirica e danza.


Teatro dell'Opera Piazza Beniamino Gigli, 7

This is the only place in which you can taste an opera, in the most classical way you could figure it out. This implies old women dressed in furs, old men with monocle, the hole for the orchestra, the high profile singers, detailed scenarios and whistles from the gods. The first project was made by Achille Sfrondini, in two years the theatre was built, in a new Renaissance style top of fashion at the time. The opera was opened by the King UmbertoI Savoia and wife Margherita Savoia, on the 27th November 1880, with “Semiramide” by Rossini. The theatre is hidden by the hotels near Termini, by the banks. That’s a piece of history. The space is all for opera and ballet.