Torchiera C.S.A.

ZERO here: sopravvive al gelo invernale tra concerti underground e rassegne internazionali circensi.

Foto di Andrea Bordoni


Torchiera C.S.A. Piazzale Cimitero Maggiore, 18

It’s always worth getting off the usual routes and heading towards the city limits, particularly if the landing place is the oasis of Cascina Torchiera. Nestled between ever-expanding highways and constantly deteriorating suburbs, besieged by the municipality that has cut off its water for 20 years and by a neighborhood that is a little too “nostalgic”, the Torchiera continues to find its space and fill it with the best underground concerts in town, organic dinners and markets, rehearsal rooms and international circus theatre festivals. Sufficient and more to survive the winter frost and the summer mosquitoes, and even more would be desirable.

Translated by @silaskin