Triennale di Milano


Triennale di Milano Viale E. Alemagna, 6


  • lunedi chiuso
  • martedi 10:30–20:30
  • mercoledi 10:30–20:30
  • giovedi 10:30–20:30
  • venerdi 10:30–20:30
  • sabato 10:30–20:30
  • domenica 10:30–20:30

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Among all the spaces in Milan, the Triennale is the closest to a living being: full of different organs that work in alternating phases, with its periods of high and low, serene post-coital happiness and the burnout from junk food and other toxic excesses. But overall it is a place of such beauty that even in the ramshackle periods it is essential to go through it again and again, not only for architects and designers. Children, for example, love to run around in the hallways and abnormal salons, and also in the psychedelic restrooms, as well as in the garden with De Chirico’s recently renovated fountain. Adults can spend entire days watching, meeting, drinking there ( the three bars/restaurants are all expensive, but the last one just opened with the terrace overlooking the Parco Sempione is worth the sacrifice of your finances) or enjoying the spread between the bright white of the interior and the rustling green of the outside. There are infinite loves born and consumed within its embracing walls.

Translated by @silaskin