Parco Sempione – Park of Cultures

Parco Sempione - Parco delle Culture

Written by Lucia Tozzi il 26 September 2018 Aggiornato il 27 September 2018

The Park of Cultures promised by Boeri on the day of his inauguration at the Triennale begins to take shape in close synergy with the Councillor for Culture Del Corno: even more immaterial than concrete, more network than itinerary, the project is a macroconnection between the cultural institutions that gravitate around Parco Sempione, a new attention to the artistic works scattered within it and so far poorly perceived (such as the Accumulazione musicale e seduta by Arman, or the Teatro Continuo by Burri), the valuable architecture that surrounds it, the various phases of its history, closely intertwined with those of the Triennials.

But it is also a narrative, of course, a new storytelling that tries to bring out a different concept of park: more public, a place of “liberated” leisure time, not only dedicated to consumption and commerce but also to culture, precisely. Along with the Triennale and Comune; the Castello Sforzesco, the Piccolo Teatro Strehler, the Acquario Civico, the Biblioteca del Parco, the Torre Branca, the Museo di Storia Naturale, the Pomeriggi Musicali have for now adhered to this idea, and in the future expanding the field, the Feltrinelli Foundation, Palazzo Litta, Brera, and perhaps the Castiglioni Foundation, who knows, could be involved.

Translated by @silaskin

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