Acquario e Civica Stazione Idrobiologica Milano


Acquario e Civica Stazione Idrobiologica Milano Viale G. Gadio, 2


  • lunedi chiuso
  • martedi 09–19:30
  • mercoledi 09–19:30
  • giovedi 09–19:30
  • venerdi 09–19:30
  • sabato 09–19:30
  • domenica 09–19:30

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The exhibition itinerary shows mainly freshwater ecosystems, with some concessions to the Mediterranean. Historically speaking, the one in Milan is the third oldest aquarium in Europe: a fine example of Art Nouveau architecture over a hundred years old. For those who visit the city, it can be very relaxing to stop here, between a tower of the Filarete and the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie, especially since the entrance is free. And then off to have a picnic in the Sempione park, where the Aquarium is set.

Translated by @silaskin

Contenuto pubblicato su ZeroMilano - 2020-03-01