Biblioteca Parco Sempione

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Biblioteca Parco Sempione Parco Sempione, Via Miguel de Cervantes,

Highly recommended on student sites, a historic meeting place for those who pretend to study but are dominated by the desire to make out. Designed by Ico Parisi in the 1950s, for the X Triennale, the library is a masterpiece of exposed reinforced concrete: the roof is a single very thin wavy slab, self-supporting thanks to the star-shaped structure (sadly covered during the last restoration). The sculpture of the Lettrice by Francesco Somaini, an abstract composition by Bruno Munari in marble and cement for the entrance floor, the marble marquetry by Mauro Reggiani and a bas-relief in cement by Umberto Milani are the result of the collaboration between the arts always involved in the ancient Triennials.

Translated by @silaskin