Caffè Mulassano

ZERO here: fa una colazione da re e agguanta un tramezzino con petto d'oca per accompagnare un vermouth.


Caffè Mulassano Piazza Castello, 15


  • lunedi 07:30–00
  • martedi 07:30–00
  • mercoledi chiuso
  • giovedi 07:30–00
  • venerdi 07:30–01
  • sabato 07:30–01
  • domenica 07:30–00

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Written by Arrigo Razzini il 27 May 2015
Aggiornato il 17 October 2016

The alabaster mountain on the marble counter gushes, filling up a kindness small glass one after the other; the welcome from the barmen, dressed in white, is worthy of a Savoy
etiquette manual. I make a small talk at the counter about regenerating holidays at the thermal baths, sipping a delicious cappuccino. Under my eyes, are pulling out sandwiches
with goose’s smoked chest and green sardines that seem to belong to a royal picnic at Stupinigi. I redirect my appetite towards the tray loaded of babà, chocolate truffles and
lady’s kisses. Everything is perfect. What is lacking is only a bust of King Umberto I at the entrance, but they tell me that they are striving for it. A little precious trunk:
among historical café of Turin, Mulassano is my favorite, for a breakfast that occasionally is worth it to have, a sandwich as it should be (according to someone, it is born here) or a Vermouth at the appetizer time.

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