Il Foyer c/o Four Seasons Hotel Milano

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Il Foyer c/o Four Seasons Hotel Milano Via Gesù, 6/8


  • lunedi 08:30–01
  • martedi 08:30–01
  • mercoledi 08:30–01
  • giovedi 08:30–01
  • venerdi 08:30–01
  • sabato 08:30–01
  • domenica 08:30–01

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All right, a drink costs like three “4 seasons” pizzas, but we’re at the Four Seasons. When does that happen again? At the bar, located in the elegant lobby where all the clients of the former convent pass by, we are welcomed like gentlemen and it feels like we are in Moscow: in fact, two blondes are watching us curious. While the pianist plays “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”, we try a fantastic Smoked Martini and an equally well executed Thai Martini, with ginger vodka and fresh mint, accompanied by appetizers that cannot be found outside the 5-star hotel circuit, such as chocolate glazed nuts. We ask the check before the blondes get close.

Translated by @silaskin