Bagni Municipali

ZERO here: si fa un cocktail in atetsa della cena di quartiere


Bagni Municipali Via Oddino Morgari, 14


  • lunedi 09–00
  • martedi 09–00
  • mercoledi 09–00
  • giovedi 09–00
  • venerdi 09–02
  • sabato 09–02
  • domenica 09–00

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The Bagni Municipali are to San Salvario as the Festival delle Sagre of Asti is to pro locus of Piemonte, or such as a sequence of gags is to a Buster Keaton’s film: here are more or less all the protagonists of the culture of the area, here in the ex public toilet in liberty style of Camillo Dolza. The polyvalent centre includes a library, a coffee bar, an area for meetings and exhibitions, bicycle shop, useful services for citizens. A lab of sustainable activities open to everybody: with cooking and without rounds. It is favorite place for families and probably it is also the most baby friendly of the city, especially in summer time when the big courtyard become a recreation ground and you can get your child free to squabble with his friends while you, at a safe distance, enjoy some peace moment with an excellent cocktail or a glass of wine, and you can enjoy the aperitif of the house (that here is very good and it is also a regular appointment for many local residents.

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