Twist on Classic

ZERO here: Ordina il suo drink preferito e se lo fa twistare dalla Fede e da Matteo

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Twist on Classic Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 13


  • lunedi 18–02
  • martedi 18–02
  • mercoledi 18–02
  • giovedi 18–02
  • venerdi 18–02
  • sabato 15–02
  • domenica 15–02

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The Twist on Classic is first and foremost a place to have a good cocktail. As the name itself indicates, barmen and owners Federica Negri e Matteo Lorenzon offer unusual drinks inspired by great classics. Do you like Gimlet? Well, they “twist” it in Rose Gimlet. Do you like Spritz? Well, they “twist” it in St-Germain Cocktail, with the French artisan liqueur St-Germain instead of Aperol. But if you want to order a Spritz, no one’s gonna tell you how much cooler it is to drink trendy drinks. The difference compared to many Milanese cocktail bars is precisely this: here it is not the barman who is the protagonist, but the customer, who is offered something different, but without being imposed to. The result is that you feel good and the Twist on Classic, opened in September 2013 and renovated in style in 2018, has become a meeting point for many people, whether they are inhabitants of the building where it stands (see Ermanno, mythical counter character as it is difficult to meet) or Milanese who discover that beyond the happy hour with buffet there is more (better: like the platter with salami, bruschetta, olives and grana cheese served at the aperitif). For an evening with a view of Naviglio Grande come by, Zero’s word: you’ll go home in a good mood on the notes of “Let’s twist again” by Chubby Checker.

Translated by @silaskin

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