ZERO here: Dà i numeri, 7 in primis

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Marghe Via Cadore, 26


  • lunedi 12–15 , 19:30–00
  • martedi 12–15 , 19:30–00
  • mercoledi 12–15 , 19:30–00
  • giovedi 12–15 , 19:30–00
  • venerdi 12–15 , 19:30–00
  • sabato 12–15 , 19:30–00
  • domenica 12–15 , 19:30–00

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There are a few people waiting outside, but luckily we are two and there is a high table at the entrance: we immediately notice the contemporary environment, minimal with exposed bricks to be precise, and many young people around us.
The clues which give us hope for an excellent pizza are all there, written in clear sight on the menu: dough with stone-ground flour rich in fiber, mineral salts and vitamins; natural leavening for 48 hours at room temperature; ingredients among the best in Italy (San Marzano tomato or Vesuvian Serbian yellow tomato; organic evo oil from Puglia; mozzarella, wines and beers from Lombardy); only few pizzas on the menu and without too many ingredients.


Our mind blows, we’re giving error, and all we are left with is to tell some random numbers. I mean, to choose one of the pizzas that – like the dishes in the worst Chinese restaurants – do not have a name, but are associated with a number from 1 to 7: I opt for the last one, with San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, Spilinga ‘nduja, 36 months Parmesan cheese, basil, organic evo oil; while my friend orders one off the menu (every week there are a couple of them, one of which is vegan) with buffalo ricotta fior di latte cheese, zucchini cooked in a wood oven, squash blossom, mint, black pepper. Two very good pizzas, seasoned the right way, with the soft and sweet dough that enhances the ingredients.
The pizzas cost 7-10 euros and it is not possible to make several variations (such as, after all, booking); on the menu there are also appetizers (5-10 euros), small tapas of Italian cuisine such as Piedmontese beef meatballs or fresh buffalo burratina cheese with yellow tomatoes, marghini (mini pizzas) and salads. We preferred the dessert, an excellent and abundant tiramisu with buffalo ricotta cheese.


The waiters were always smiling, even if they were very busy and often in a hurry: it is not rare to sit and wait a long time with dirty dishes on the table, a more careful directorship would be enough.
Definitely a place to consider for a quality pizza.

Translated by @silaskin