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Best Pizzerias of Milan

Ingredienti di qualità, impasto che non lievita in pancia: qui si va sul sicuro

Written by Simone Muzza il 28 November 2016 Aggiornato il 5 February 2020

Once upon a time, places to eat a good pizza (that is, a product that does not rise in the belly and topped with quality ingredients) in Milan could be counted with one hand. Now the problem is the opposite: at least thirty places have been founded that focus everything on these two factors, and weekly new venues are being inaugurated or we hear about second and third branches of pizzerias that are doing well. The result, as well as a drift in some extreme cases in the search for products and leavening – which in the end, as always, the extremes touch and resemble each other too much – is that we haven’t been eating these many pizzas since the Naples holiday of 2005 (10 days = 16 pizzas). We better organize ourselves a little bit, proud of having surely done some foolishness, but at least we made it consciously. Amen.

Translated by @silaskin

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