Garage pizza & Co

ZERO here: Mangia una Freschezza accompagnata da un Katmandu

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Garage pizza & Co Corso Sempione, 42


  • lunedi 12:30–14:30 , c–h
  • martedi 12:30–14:30 , 18:30–00
  • mercoledi 12:30–14:30 , 18:30–00
  • giovedi 12:30–14:30 , 18:30–00
  • venerdi 12:30–14:30 , 18:30–00
  • sabato
  • domenica

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The term gourmet pizza, we write it earlier than you would think that even here at Zero we have played our brains out, we mean a pizza prepared with top quality ingredients (organic flours, natural leavening for at least 48 hours), topped with niche products (from truffles to scampi just to name two), of medium to small size, served in slices on chopping boards at higher than average prices.


Well, Garage pizza & Co fully satisfies the characteristics of gourmet pizza: the waiter tells us in detail all the virtues, and after pretending to choose two margheritas just to make him angry we went for a “Freschezza” with capers, anchovies, stracciatella and yellow datterino tomato (13 €) and a “Mazzacuogno” with shrimp, onion, stracciatella (13 €). But we were also very attracted by the one with fior di latte, low-temperature cooked egg and truffle and practically all the others. We discover that the “& Co” of the sign also stands for cocktail when the barman asks us if we want to accompany the pizza with a drink, and so he suggests a “Katmandu” with gin, Nepalese pepper, grapefruit and mint. Excellent choice: a dry, balanced and spicy drink as I like it. In addition, the menu features a few dishes of the day such as yellow fin tuna fish. After about ten minutes the pizzas arrive: the scenographic effect is disruptive, the ingredients are very good and also the dough satisfies us, even if we would have preferred the pastry of the pizza less dry, at least in Mazzacuogno. Afterwards we continue with the jarred desserts: both the cheesecake and the tiramisu (7 €) are very good.


A few words about the place, a beautiful space furnished with metropolitan taste with also an unexpected and colorful courtyard among the buildings of Corso Sempione where a beautiful motorcycle is exposed, perhaps to recall the Garage in its name.
The temptation to continue drinking is strong, but we stop because we want to analyze the actual digestibility of pizza without alcohol destabilizing us. In fact, we digest everything great, so we’ll be back soon and we’ll get into it even better with drinks.

Translated by @silaskin