Lievito Madre al Duomo

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Lievito Madre al Duomo Largo Corsia dei Servi,


  • lunedi 12–15 , 19–23
  • martedi 12–15 , 19–23
  • mercoledi 12–15 , 19–23
  • giovedi 12–15 , 19–23
  • venerdi 12–15 , 19–23
  • sabato 12–15 , 19–23
  • domenica 12–15 , 19–23

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Lievito Madre al Duomo di Gino Sorbillo in Milan is not the same as Gino Sorbillo in Naples. And it is certainly not a matter of pizza: the pizza chefs, having mastered the lesson of Gino and Gennaro Salvo (who initiated the restaurant), do their work properly (at least when the place is not overcrowded) and the ingredients are also “premium”. What is missing is the popular and festive atmosphere that you experience in Naples: certainly neither the staff, nor the prices in Milan, nor the menu with the missing pizzas to reach the obligatory daily threshold of 400 – not one more, don’t help. Anyway, Lievito Madre at the Duomo is a precious address if you are in the city center and want to eat one of the best pizzas in Milan.

Translated by @silaskin