Pizzeria La Coccinella

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Pizzeria La Coccinella Piazza T. Minniti, 8


  • lunedi chiuso
  • martedi 12–15 , 19–22:30
  • mercoledi 12–15 , 19–22:30
  • giovedi 12–15 , 19–22:30
  • venerdi 12–15 , 19–22:30
  • sabato 19–22:30
  • domenica 19–22:30

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There are two good reasons to consider La Coccinella one of the best pizzerias in Milan. One: the pizza chef is from Caserta and – excuse the gastronomic parochialism – the difference is there and you feel it: the soft dough which is not too thin, the crunchy crust and the first quality ingredients which arrive punctually “from south”. Two: prices are low and, in a city where I’ve seen pizzas for 20 euros, throw them away. The third reason is the homemade mascarpone cup: to applaud. But didn’t I say two?

Translated by @silaskin